About us


OISCA-International contributes to Humanity’s environmentally sustainable development through a holistic approach emphasizing the interconnectedness of agriculture, ecological integrity, and the human spirit. To accomplish this, we implement and advocate hands-on experiential programs for world citizens of all ages, transmitting knowledge and skills, and cultivating such spiritual qualities as dedication, self-reliance, and universal brother-sisterhood.

“OISCA" is an acronym of “Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement".
“Industrial" refers to the promotion of agriculture and other primary industries that are fundamental to our existence."Spiritual" does not denote a particular religion, but rather our need to nurture such qualities as self-reliance, dedication for one’s own community, international brother-sisterhood, and respect for Earth’s ecological integrity on which our life is grounded."Cultural" represents the intent to encourage the magnificent cultural diversity that has enriched human life and the universal need to promote certain cultural patterns such as a culture of peace.


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